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Commercial Roofing Specialists

Serving Customers in and around the Twin Cities metro area since 1987.

Our Mission and Vision statements constantly guide our Team!

Mission Statement

Pinnacle Roofing Systems is committed to being recognized as the preferred vendor for commercial flat roofing services in the Twin Cities metro area. We provide our clients with commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing products and services of the highest quality and of enduring value.

We act as an advocate for the client, putting their needs first and providing exceptional customer service.

We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity that exceeds the standards of our industry.

We work safely and efficiently for the benefit of our clients and our team.

We create opportunity for and encourage each team member to excel, prosper, and take pride in his/her work.

We are a respected corporate citizen, working within the law and upholding the standards of the community.

We focus on continual growth, creating advancement opportunities, and providing a reasonable return on investment for our members.

Vision Statement

Dedicated to being the best commercial roofing vendor in the market.

Pinnacle Roofing Systems is the first choice when looking for flat roof products in the Twin Cities metro market.

We consistently provide the highest possible levels of quality, service, and customer satisfaction. When prospects are presented with multiple bids for their roofing project, we are their first choice even if we are not the lowest bidder.

We accomplish this through our employees. Pinnacle Roofing Services is staffed with people who are enthusiastic and are dedicated to achieving the common goal of being the best commercial flat roofing vendor in our market. We use well-documented systems and procedures to operate within a minimum of management involvement and all of our employees make the extra effort necessary to be the best in our business.

We continue to grow financially and to gain in market share. We consistently exceed our sales and profitability goals and are financially secure. Our reputation and employee compensation plans have made us the preferred choice for the best roofing industry talent in this market.


Riverton Community Housing

I first met Joel Nystrom of Pinnacle Roofing Systems over 20 years ago on a contracting project and have continued to call him over the years for roofing, maintenance, and roofing repair. I can safely say that all of Pinnacle’s work has been professionally done, and their craftsmanship and integrity have always been above reproach.

Jim LaNore, Director of Facilities

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