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Commercial Roofing Specialists

Serving Customers in and around the Twin Cities metro area since 1987.

Why Choose Pinnacle?

The best choice for your commercial roofing needs.

There are many reasons why Pinnacle Roofing Systems should be the first choice for your roofing projects, repairs, and maintenance. Here are just a few.

  1. You will benefit from our commitment to excellence in everything we do.
  2. You can be sure that we are always 100% ethical, honest, and trustworthy.
  3. Your crew members will be experts in roofing that take pride in all their work.
  4. You will receive fast, fair, comprehensive bids for every roofing request.
  5. You will receive a free roof inspection and evaluation.
  6. Your roof will be constructed from the highest quality products with enduring value.
  7. You can be sure we’ll focus on the details that make roofing systems last.
  8. You will be treated with professionalism, integrity, and respect.
  9. You can be assured we do what it takes to make our services the best in our market.
  10. You will have a crew that approaches challenges with creativity and confidence.
  11. You will receive effective and timely solutions for every roofing need.
  12. You will see that our attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.
  13. You can have peace of mind knowing we will not compromise any roofing project with shortcuts in cost or craftsmanship.
  14. You can relax knowing each of our crew members receive extensive in-house and factory training.
  15. You can know Pinnacle is an advocate for our customers, putting your needs first.
  16. You can be certain we work with our customers’ best interests in mind.
  17. You will soon recognize that our crews are enthusiastic about their work.
  18. You will see for yourself that our crews take great satisfaction in work well done.
  19. You will receive the highest level of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.
  20. You will recognize that we are dedicated to being the best commercial roofing vendor in our market.
  21. You can have confidence in our well-documented systems and procedures in all operations.
  22. You will see that we work safely and efficiently for the benefit of our customers.
  23. You are hiring a company that provides opportunities for each of our team members to excel, prosper, and take pride in their work.
  24. You are choosing a respected corporate citizen in our community and the entire Twin Cities metro area.
  25. You can be certain we will always work within the law, upholding the standards and requirements of the community.
  26. You can have confidence knowing we stand behind all our work: every project, every service, every time.
  27. You can rely on our crews beginning each job as scheduled, and completing each job as promised.
  28. You can be confident that we know what works and what does not work for roofing and roofing repair.
  29. You can know that from the largest job to the smallest repair, we are committed to doing the work right.
  30. Your crews will be made up of courteous, long-term employees with extensive roofing experience.
  31. Your building will receive great care, respect, and cleanliness.
  32. Your crews will use only state-of-the-art, labor-saving equipment.
  33. You can rest assured knowing we have a unique quality control system to ensure you receive a problem-free roof.
  34. You will get top quality materials from Fortune 500 companies guaranteed with manufacturer’s warranties for all of our roofing systems.
  35. You will receive a roof designed and fabricated to meet current R-value codes.
  36. You will be getting the only contractor in the state of Minnesota to have been awarded the GenFlex MVP award for the quality of our workmanship.
  37. Your work and crews are covered with liability insurance and workers compensation coverage.
  38. You will be doing business with a reputable company that is licensed and bonded.
  39. You can reach a member of our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week for quick response to emergency repair needs.
  40. You will see that we are always respectful of your property, budget, and time.
  41. You can be assured we make every effort to minimize customer cost, as well as the amount of material going into landfills by reusing existing materials whenever possible.
  42. You can expect all debris will be removed from the work sites using approved demolition land fill.
  43. You will receive estimates and invoices that never include unnecessary extras and always accurately represent the quality of craftsmanship and materials necessary to providing an appropriate and enduring solution for your roofing needs.
  44. You get the experience of a company that has been in business since 1987, and has been installing heat-membrane roofs since 1988.
  45. If desired, you can receive energy-efficient, reflective white roofs through Pinnacle, a licensed installer of cool roofs.
  46. You will be making a wise choice, as evidenced by the large portion of our client base that is made up of repeat customers who call us whenever they have new or additional roofing needs.

We’re great to work with, experts in our field, love doing what we do, and love serving our customers. In other words, Pinnacle Roofing Systems is the perfect choice for your commercial, industrial, or institutional roofing needs.


Riverton Community Housing

I first met Joel Nystrom of Pinnacle Roofing Systems over 20 years ago on a contracting project and have continued to call him over the years for roofing, maintenance, and roofing repair. I can safely say that all of Pinnacle’s work has been professionally done, and their craftsmanship and integrity have always been above reproach.

Jim LaNore, Director of Facilities

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