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Serving Customers in and around the Twin Cities metro area since 1987.

What to Expect

A professionally executed project. Completed as promised.

From the moment you contact Pinnacle Roofing Systems to the minute the last piece of debris is cleared away from your building site, you can expect prompt attention to your questions and inquiries, thorough and timely evaluations and bids, skilled crews and site supervisors, superior materials and workmanship, minimal site disruption, and enthusiastic service from every Pinnacle employee every step of the way.

From Start to FinishThe following is a basic outline of what you can expect throughout the duration of your roofing project with Pinnacle Roofing Systems.

  1. Once we receive your call or email requesting a proposal or service from Pinnacle Roofing Systems, one of our team members will ask for information related to the project and schedule a free roof inspection and evaluation. A member of our team will visit your site and work with you to gather information on the age, type, and condition of the roof.
  2. Pinnacle will draft a comprehensive proposal of recommended work, if needed, based on our observations and evaluation. The proposal will include the work we recommend (substantiated with photographs), as well as possible alternatives; the cost of the work proposed; information on the warranty included to cover materials and workmanship; the time frame for completion of the work; and the terms of payment.
  3. After you have taken time to review the proposal and have had any questions you might have related to the project and proposal answered, we ask the customer to sign the proposal and return it to Pinnacle.
  4. When Pinnacle receives the signed proposal, we will schedule the project start date based on weather forecasts and anticipated delivery of materials.
  5. Upon receiving a signed proposal and scheduling a start date, Pinnacle will secure a building permit from the city to begin work.
  6. Pinnacle will then order all materials for job completion. During the evaluation process, our roofing expert inspects existing roof insulation to see if any of the materials (e.g., insulation or rock) can be reused in order to reduce customer costs and minimize waste going into landfills. Pinnacle only uses roofing systems that are produced and warranted by the industries largest and most stable manufacturers and fabricated to meet current standards regarding R-values.
  7. Prior to the delivery of materials, a Pinnacle team member will meet with you at the job site to determine where materials should be dropped off, where our Pinnacle trucks should park each day, where the job debris should be collected throughout the project, and so forth.
  8. Once the material delivery is scheduled, Pinnacle will submit an invoice for the down payment, due before the start of the project.
  9. Materials will be delivered to the predetermined and approved place at the job site.
  10. Pinnacle will review the project schedule against weather forecasts and apprise you of the anticipated start and completion dates.
  11. When we start your project, we focus on your roof, and completing your job.
  12. At the onset of a re-roof project, the Pinnacle crew will cut away, remove and dispose of the existing roof. We will only tear away as much of the roof as we can complete and seal by the end of each work day.
  13. After roof layers are removed, we will examine the structural roof deck for any existing rust, rot, and structural damage and complete any necessary repairs.
  14. Installation of tapered rigid foam insulation board will follow the roof deck inspection and repair. We use an Amalgamated™ Tapered Roof Insulation System specially developed by Pinnacle Roofing Systems to address the typical aging and sagging of flat roof systems, bring insulation R-values up to state/local code, and ensure effective roof drainage over the years to come.
  15. Following insulation system installation, Pinnacle will begin to install the new roofing system, covering and sealing the entire area that was opened up that day. Your building contents will never be left exposed to the weather overnight, no matter how good the weather forecast looks.
  16. At the close of each project work day, the Pinnacle crew will inspect to ensure that the site is clean, safe and secure.
  17. Throughout the duration of the project, the Pinnacle team will watch weather forecasts in order to continue installation of the roofing system on the next available “good weather” day.
  18. When the roofing project is complete, the Pinnacle crew will clean the work site, removing all remaining materials, vehicles, and debris.
  19. Once the job is finished and the work site is clean, the Pinnacle site supervisor will meet with you to examine the new roofing system and ensure that the work was completed as agreed.
  20. When the final examination is complete, an invoice will be sent for final payment.
  21. Pinnacle Roofing System’s owner and president, Joel Nystrom, will inspect the new roofing system to verify that all work was done properly and as set forth in the signed proposal.
  22. A manufacturer’s representative will inspect the roofing system following Joel’s review in order to verify that all work was done according to the procedures set forth by the manufacturer of the roofing system and its components.
  23. When the roofing system materials and workmanship receive the approval of the manufacturer’s representative, the manufacturer will issue a long-term warranty to you for the roofing system.
  24. Pinnacle will follow up with you a regular basis to ensure that your continued satisfaction.


Riverton Community Housing

I first met Joel Nystrom of Pinnacle Roofing Systems over 20 years ago on a contracting project and have continued to call him over the years for roofing, maintenance, and roofing repair. I can safely say that all of Pinnacle’s work has been professionally done, and their craftsmanship and integrity have always been above reproach.

Jim LaNore, Director of Facilities

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